Real Estate Photo Editing Using Photoshop


Real estate photo editing is currently a service that many parties are interested in, including Studio or photographers specializing in BDS photography. The edited image will be able to attract viewers by its harmonious colors, clear quality – all very professional and well-organized. In the article below, Elite Photo Editing will introduce information about service editing real estate photos in photoshop for everyone’s reference.

Editing real estate photos with Photoshop is considered a popular service today because of its excellent image quality.

How to edit real estate photos with Photoshop

Editing real estate photos in photoshop is understood as image editing work with the help of specialized software and apps, specifically here Adobe Photoshop. It is the world’s most popular Photoshop software and it is always the first choice of professional photo editors.

Editing is relatively simple, the software is pre-downloaded to the computer and performs all the operations on it. For example, increase the brightness of the image, create an overlay, remove image noise, insert effects, … This ensures that the edited image will be extremely shimmering, the quality will satisfy the customer.

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Tips for editing real estate photos with Photoshop

Here are some effective Photoshop real estate photo editing tips that everyone should not ignore.

Prioritize color correction

Color correction is an important factor because it will help the image look more harmonious and balanced, not too dark or too light. Also consider factors such as:

-Contrast: if you want to create a smooth image, reduce the contrast, that is, the difference between the dark and the light parts is reduced. In case you want to create a sharper image, do the opposite.

-Color levels: the software can automatically adjust the balance between the light and dark parts of the entire image according to the color area that the operator has selected as the standard.

-Shadows – highlights: adjusting these two factors can make the colors a little different from reality, but the image will be very bright and make a difference.

The space must be evenly lit

The element of natural light is extremely important and must be taken into account by Photoshop practitioners. The space must be evenly lit at all angles to ensure that the viewer of the photo can visualize the overview of that real estate product, be it height, depth or surrounding area.

The element of natural light is extremely important and Photoshop practitioners must definitely pay attention

Make sure the lines are straight

The lines in the image must be straight and neat right from the moment the camera is taken. This will make the process of editing real estate photos in photoshop easy. However, if the image is not straight, it can be pulled back immediately, but it is necessary to ensure the right proportions so that the image does not break the composition.

Remove unwanted objects from photos

In fact, even when trying to take pictures, it is inevitable that objects will accidentally fall into the frame. Editing real estate photos in Photoshop can help remove these objects, creating the perfect image you want. However, manipulation needs to be skillful to be able to cut them out of the picture frame without affecting other objects.

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Advantages of editing real estate photos with photoshop

The advantages of real estate photo editing services using Adobe Photoshop can be mentioned as follows:

-Guaranteed image quality, no image breakage or underexposure/overexposure;

-Harmonious colors, can be adjusted according to customer requirements;

-The implementation time is relatively fast through the support of the software, the tools are easy to use;

-The cost is appropriate, not too high with the real estate photo editing service in Photoshop.

What are the advantages of real estate photo editing with photoshop?

Above is some information about real estate photo editing services in Photoshop that we have provided for you to read. If you want to use professional real estate photo editing services, you can contact Elite Photo Editing via Hotline (+84) 3677 55686 (Mr. Henry Bui) or for details supporting.

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